Island Farm Press is a screenprinting studio in San Diego, with a focus on fine art printing and contemporary textile design. IFP was born from a shared love of art and the desire to serve the broader community of makers.

We are excited to announce our new project  Prints By Post. We encourage you to check back regularly to browse our growing selection of limited edition postcard prints by contemporary artists, or follow us on Instagram @islandfarmpress for updates!

Each print is offered for a suggested, honor-system donation of $10 to the International Rescue Committee to support their critical work during this global crisis.

Shoot us a message at with any questions -- we can't wait to print your work or send you some amazing art!

John and I founded Island Farm Press after relocating from Chicago to San Diego in 2018. As a visual artist I love the capacity of printmaking to create art in an affordable, accessible form. John is an art historian with a focus on American WPA era print history and culture. 

Prints By Post asks artists to contribute an image for the production of a limited edition postcard to benefit those most in need around the world.

In addition, we hope this project will introduce you to new artists, leading you to support our contributors directly through their own websites. Links can be found in their bios.

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Wishing you well and sending love,
Kristin Nason
& John Murphy
MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
PhD, Northwestern University

*    *    *

The original Island Farm

Island Farm was the name of my grandparents' house on the south shore of Massachusetts. My parents were married in their living room in the 70s, and my sister and I spent many childhood days there cooking with my grandmother, getting lost in the woods, and watching things slowly grow. In the spring of 2015, John and I were married on Island Farm's front porch. 

It exists for us now as a state-of-mind as much as a physical place -- conjuring associations with natural beauty, traditional craftsmanship and love.

Island Farm Press pays homage to their values through a similar commitment to craft and by striving to minimize the ecological footprint of our studio. All of our goods are created with durable high quality materials, and we hope you will use our textile products as substitutes for their single use counterparts in the home.


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