Screen Exposure

$22.00 USD

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We'll clean and re-expose a new image for you!

$22 = Small screens up to 20 x 24" ( Max image 11 x 15" )
$34 = Large screens up to 26 x 36"  (Max image 16.5 x 28")
$55 = XL screens up to 36 x 42" (Max image 28 x 36" - message us to purchase this option.)

This service is for a standard clean and re-exposure of recently burned screens. Very old screens may have hardened emulsion that may be too difficult to remove. In these cases we may charge an additional fee for a deep clean, or return to you if residue is too stubborn.

We can expose aluminum and industrial wood screens only.
We can't accept:
-Homemade or warped wood screens
-Screens with sharp edges or staples
-Screens with tape or ink left on them

= Technical stuff  =

Each color must be separated onto its own layer and converted to 100% black and white - no grays.

Files must be sent at final scale and ready to print at a minimum of 300 dpi.

All files must be in PDF format.

Need help separating colors or preparing your art for print? No problem! Select Color Separation Service in the shop. Want to learn how? Check out our DIY Guide.

$20 Flat Rate US Shipping for first screen, $4 per additional screen.

(If you would like to pick up your screen at our studio in San Diego, please use this listing.)

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